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Paper submissions are now closed.

22 March 2018
Final Manuscripts Due 
Submission Instructions (PDF)

Final Manuscript Submission Guide:
Authors of accepted papers are required to submit the final version of manuscript, in IEEE Xplore compatible PDF format, at the RFIC 2018 Paper Submission Site (for publication in the RFIC 2018 Digest). Failure to submit your final version for the Symposium Digest will result in an automatic removal of your paper from the presentation program book and the Digest of the symposium. The IEEE eCopyright Form must be completed on-line and submitted to IEEE.

Please note that title, author list, order, and affiliations on the final manuscript should match what was entered in the RFIC 2018 paper submission site for the initial submission.

The IEEE has mandated that all published papers comply with the IEEE conference standards, which allows for easy electronic search using IEEE Xplore. To ensure compatibility with the new search requirements for the IEEE Xplore database and maintain the quality of the published work, it is required to submit your final manuscript in a PDF file compatible with IEEE Xplore. The step-by-step instructions to ensure compatibility of your paper will be sent to you after your paper has been accepted by the RFIC.

Your completed manuscript for the Symposium Digest must be received by March 22nd, 2018. Manuscripts received after this date will not be accepted or published in the Digest.

Key differences between the initial paper and final paper are summarized in the table below.